Full Line-Up 2024

THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER (from USA) | TERRORIZER (from USA) | VADER (from Poland with special „Black to the Blind“ set) | MISERY INDEX (from USA) | SUFFOCATION (from USA) | CRYPTOPSY (from Canada with special „Blasphemy Made Flesh“ Set) | MEMORIAM (from UK) | MASSACRE (from USA) | INCANTATION (from USA) | SKELETAL REMAINS (from USA) | NECROT (from USA) | RECTAL SMEGMA (from The Netherlands) | NECROTTED (from Germany) | BRUTAL SPHINCTER (from Belgium) | GUTRECTOMY (from Germany) | JAPANISCHE KAMPFHÖRSPIELE (from Germany) | HURAKAN (from France) | EMBRACE YOUR PUNISHMENT (from France) | MONOCHROMATIC BLACK (from USA) | CUMBEAST (from Finland) | SALPTURE (from Germany) | FRACTURED INSANITY (from Belgium) | VOICE OF RUIN (from Switzerland) | WRETCHED FATE (from Sweden) | RECKLESS MANSLAUGHTER (from Germany) | ORAPHALIS (from Germany)

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